Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tagged! Why I Love My Country

I’ve been tagged by sexyredframe! If you haven’t read her amazing love story, you MUST check out her blog. The request: give five reasons why I love my country.

1. I love ice cream socials. Like the kind some neighborhoods have on the Fourth of July. Because I love ice cream, and I love socializing. And the feeling of community makes both sweeter.

2. I love that, no matter how the presidential election ends up, the next presidency will be extra-historic. We’ll either have a president of color or a woman vice president. Woot!


3. I love baseball games. Singing the national anthem give me goosebumps, and singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” at the top of my lungs is the Most! Fun! Ever! Plus I get to drink beer, sit outside in the sunshine, and watch guys run around the field. Baseball is as American as apple pie.


4. I love State fairs. You get to pet the animals, eat corn on the cob, and ride on the Ferris Wheel. There’s music and a rodeo and people selling all manner of odd things. It’s nice to see families together, enjoying the summer.


5. I love the grand range of countryside we have in the U.S.: from the mountains, to the prairies, to the oceans, white with foam . . . . There’s no other place quite like it.


I’m tagging Father Stacy, Elaine at Little Lives Photography, Meg at A Practical Wedding, Vane at Brooklyn Bride, and onesmallstar at Etsy Wedding.

Here are the rules:
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4. Give 5 reasons why you love your country

5. Tag at least 5 people
Enjoy thinking about why you love your country.


Anonymous said...

i'm officially becoming addicted to your blog! thanks for all of the kind words on weddingbee :) i love your engagement photos & seeing all of your plans. i wish i could register for the canon 40d on target, but no such luck! ;) i'll be sure to come back and visit you on here!

<3 miss candy corn

wildnis said...

The ocean image above is a copyright protected images and used without permission.
If you do that you should at least give the photographer credit for and a link to his/her website.
The ocean picture above is copyrighted by Rolf Hicker Photography.
Here you can find more of Rolf's ocean pictures.

Jules said...

Wildnis: Thanks for the heads up! Was listing the source just below the picture not enough? I'm not trying to steal anyone's images, I promise!

Anonymous said...

hey there,

it's great to see this meme has spread beyond our borders...

loved your list, am off to check out the rest of the blog too!