Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sing, Dance, and Speak French

Has anyone else watched “Platinum Weddings” on the We channel? I TiVoed several episodes, and watched my own marathon today. The first wedding I saw had gorgeous tall centerpieces at the reception that look like this:


The next wedding’s centerpieces looked like this:


And the next:


That’s when I realized why they don’t air the shows back to back to back. All the weddings look the same. They all have the “sexy lounge area,” the old Hollywood glamour theme, the ice sculpture, the caviar/lobster/raw bar, the hanging crystals . . . . Several even have the very same chargers on the tables.

Can most of the guests really tell if the bar costs $6,500 or $65,000 (which was the actual cost in one of the episodes!)? Not after the first two drinks, anyway. With $30,000 to spend on flowers, isn’t there something a bit different out there? As Mama says, “For that price, they should sing, dance, and speak French.”

The show certainly is a refreshing change from the horror of Bridezillas (which I also guiltily TiVo). But a source of innovative ideas it is not. I’ll stick with the real gals on weddingbee, a practical wedding, and snippet and ink, thanks very much. And when I’ve got a little hankerin’ for bedazzled, bejeweled, b’expensive weddings, I’ll watch Platinum Weddings. In moderation.

For now, I’m all blinged out.

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