Monday, November 10, 2008

Miss Chief

Sometimes I would like to be a superhero, so I could have my own action figure. I still have my brother’s underoos superman cape that he wore when he dove into the empty bathtub and bonked his head. Apparently, the cape is not imbued with superpowers. It is, however, imbued with eau de my mom’s basement. But I love it.

Well, I may not be a superhero, but I can make myself into a cartoon character! Using, you can apply all kinds of effects to your photos, including cartoonizing them. (Some people get annoyed at turning nouns into verbs. Like “calendar.” When did we stop saying, “I’ll put that on my calendar,” and start saying, “I’ll calendar that.” Interesting. So I’m sorry to those non-verbizers out there.)

The best thing about fotoflexer? It’s freeeeee! You upload a photo, mess around with it, and save it back to your computer as a jpeg.

I think I might call my cartoon strip, “Miss Chief.” I’m bossy, so the chief part works great. Add the Miss, and you get the very thing into which I get myself all the time. Mischief.

I think the cartoon thing would work out for me, because I’m always learning some kind of funny lesson. It usually takes more than four frames’ worth of experience to get there, though. If only I learned as quickly as Ziggy! Then I’d have more time for wedding planning! But I would also be a tiny little bald guy.

“The Mister” already sounds superheroesque. Miss Chief and The Mister! Here we are . . . .

Friday, November 7, 2008


I do not want to wear a glittery rhinestone tiara at the wedding. I know, I know, everyone says the wedding is my day to be a princess, but really I’m just a regular girl who’s marrying a prince of a man. Kind of like Cinderella.

To be honest, I just don’t like sparkly things that aren’t real. I mean, if the Queen of England offered me a diamond and platinum tiara, I’d wear it for sure. Something made out of foil-backed plastic and spray-painted base metal – not so much. If you have a tiara, more tower poo ya, as my friend Erika used to say. They look amazing on other brides (and
downhill skiers), but they just aren’t my thing.

But today, I saw
this amazing diy craft to make my own crown . . . out of lace!

All you need is some lace and a little modge podge or white elmer’s glue. You can jazz it up a bit with paint and gold or silver leaf, too.

While I might not be royalty, I do like to think that I’m a lady-in-waiting on the diy wedding court. Whether I have the chutzpah to wear a crown on the wedding day still remains to be seen. So for now, I’ll just leave you with the royal wave.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Well, my sticky situation is re-stuck. No details now . . . . But please think good thoughts for me. I need 'em.