Monday, September 22, 2008

The Cat's Pajamas: The Engagement Shoot

I am sooo excited to blog about our engagement shoot, which our friend gave us as a wedding gift. Did I mention that she’s a mother of three and the photographer? I’ll call her Wonder Woman. Because that’s what she is. Wonderful. You can find WW's work at

WW usually takes photos of children and pets. Which is why her style suited us perfectly. I’m a child at heart, and our dog thinks that the Mister is . . . well . . . another dog. We’re playful and silly, and WW’s style suited us perfectly.

She scoped out some super cool locations near where we live, and then let her creativity (and the Mister’s natural beauty) do the rest.

Without further ado, the engagement pics:

I like that this building says, "Office." Um . . . what kind of office?!

Probably the most fun thing about an engagement shoot is how much you get to kiss. WW kept saying here, "Keep kissing! Keep kissing!"

We just tromped around finding places that had great color and made us laugh.

My future last name will begin with an "M" . . . .

We ended the session in my backyard, with our grumpy little old dog, who just wanted the Mister to Put! Me! Down! This photo should give you an idea of how strong the Mister is. I'm not light as a feather, friends. My baby book says that I look like "a sturdy little Dutchman." Ouch.

This one's my favorite. It's how the Mister makes me feel. Calm and happy.

I love what these photos say about us: how we feel about each other, how we feel about ourselves, how the air around us is electric and filled with words to be spoken and emotions to be expressed. Being in love is the cat's pajamas, kids. It takes talent to capture it on film. Thank you, thank you, thank you Wonder Woman. We love you so very much.


elaine brenner said...

Oh, it was MY pleasure! You, of course, know what your gift will be when you have a bun in the oven, correct?!

Jules said...

That's a dream come true! I love you, Wonder Woman!