Monday, July 21, 2008

Modern Wedding Ring Quilt

The Mister and I are in the process of moving in together. To be more accurate, I’m in the process of moving in with him. Into. His. Space. He has been exceedingly gracious with giving me places to put my belongings. He has allowed me to choose between duplicate possessions, so we have a nice, integrated household. He has been incredibly encouraging throughout this entire stressful process.

And stressful it has been! I don’t like to update my computer or change the toilet paper roll, so I’m having a smidge of trouble with packing up my stuff and moving it somewhere else, no matter how much I want to get to the somewhere else to be with the someone else who already lives there.

I don’t want to take over his space entirely, but his giant (very cool!) art photographs of African animals say, “A MAN lives here!” On the other hand, hanging up my Georgia O’Keeffe posters would scream, “WOMAN!” There’s a tension in figuring out how to make the space represent the character of us as a couple. (On a side note, someone I know says that houses with garages that face the street say, “Cars live here,” rather than “People live here.” Interesting.)

The bedroom décor is another manifestation of this problem. He has a wonderful, neutral-colored linear-lined quilt on the bed. I LOVE it. It’s beautiful. But it’s a little on the masculine side. (As it should be. If he had a chintz comforter on the bed when I got there, I would have run for the hills. Duh.) I certainly don’t want to replace it with the blue and while square blocked quilt I got from pottery barn kids. (Does anyone else lurve the hooded towels at pottery barn kids that look like animals? But I digress . . . .)

I’ve looked all around, and don’t see anything in the marketplace that meets our criteria. The new bedspread must: (1) adequately merge our two styles, (2) be relatively lightweight, and (3) hold up to the scratching of our darling little dog, who wipes his ears all over the bed after he gets a bath. To get the water out. Obviously.

So . . . what if I designed my own quilt? I could pick my own fabrics and make it modern and fresh. I have this image of two intersecting circles that are asymmetrically placed on the quilt, kind of like a Venn Diagram of our relationship -- the two of us are each our own circle, and the intersection is our relationship together. Like the picture below, but with more vibrant, saturated colors in a monochromatic scheme.

After I come up with the design, I could sew the top together, and then send it to a quilting service, which would quilt, bind, and back it for around $300. It could be the modern version of a wedding ring quilt. What do you think? Artsy or fartsy?


Anonymous said...

You are so much more industrious than I am. I would have bought a denim duvet and be done with it.

That being said, I love the idea. Although I do wonder, if it's a Venn diagram, which of you is the BIG circle and which is the little one???

Jules said...

I think the Mister is the big circle. He's a bit bigger than I am. I'm just more . . . compact. :)