Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cast of Characters

The {cypress and oak} Cast of Characters:

The Mister: My fiancé, a thoughtful, private, stalwart, adorable protector.

Mama: My mother, a creative, obsessive, magical, sparkling homebody.
Mr. Mama: My stepdad, a loud, loving, bossy, gregarious leader.

Pop: My father, a clever, silly, emotive, punny salesman.
Mrs. Pop: My stepmom, a talkative, organized, giving, entrepreneurial perfectionist.

Momma Mac: My FMIL (future mother in law), a loving, intelligent, strong, soft-spoken kindred spirit.
Mac Daddy: My FFIL (future father in law), a generous, curious, warm, dog-loving statesman.

My BFF: My MOH (maid of honor), a steadfast, loyal, smart (both intelligent and elegant) soul friend.


Riley said...

Are these photos that will be going into your guest book too?? They're great!
We are doing something similar for our guest book, but it's going to be more of a scrap-book (but cooler!). In other words, I'll be putting in the photos myself instead of having it printed. ;-)

I found you through Practical Wedding - great blog!

Jules said...

Yep! These are going in the guest book too.

Your scrapbook idea sounds fantastic! Sometimes you can make things even more personal by doing it with your own hands (instead of a computer). Will you send some pictures when you get it done?

I love apracticalwedding too. Meg rocks!