Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mirror, Mirror

Speaking of circles, for the preppy bride who’s into glam and polka dots, what about using lots of small glass mirrors on the table, instead of a single large mirror under a centerpiece. They’re uber cheap at craftsuppliesforless (like, less than 12 cents each!), and while they don’t fit in with the clean lines we want for our centerpieces, they could be right up someone’s alley. Imagine something like this, but with silvery mirrored polka dots, shimmering in candlelight:

It seems everyone is thinking crystals for glam these days. But what about a good old-fashioned mirror? I mean, can you GET more glamorous?

You can even get a vintage feel by using Krylon's looking glass paint. It simulates gorgeous old mercury glass. Check it:

How about a "Looking Glass" or "Through A Glass Darkly" theme? Ah, the possibilities . . . .

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