Tuesday, December 2, 2008


So very sorry I have been MIA. I was out of town at the Mister’s parents’ house for the Thanksgiving holiday. The week before that, I was doing the single most crazy aspect of my job – hosting a delegation of VIPs from another country. For. An. Entire. Week. I dread their visit for a month before they come, and I get so darned attached to them that I cry when they leave. It’s an exhausting, rewarding experience. And I’m glad it’s over. I’ll be back to full blogging strength soon.

Because of the VIP visit, I missed my ten-year reunion from school. Bleh. But I did get to see some friends who visited for the reunion. Photo!

From Left to Right. Top Row: Doc (aka Smarty), Dopey, Dopey’s Wife (Bashful), Sneezy (the Mister) Bottom Row: Sleepy, Grumpy, and Happy (me!)

Grumpy is one of my best friends from school. We’re quite the pair – Grumpy and Happy. Although, as you can see, he’s really happy on the inside. He just pretends to be an outraged curmudgeon most of the time. (To be honest, that’s part of what makes him so loveable.)

I hadn’t seen Doc in ages, but it was as if the decade had never passed. She’s fun and smart and darling. I heart her. We drank martinis and acted like idiots that night. Fun!

It was great to introduce the Mister to some friends who are scattered across the country. He had fun (even though he looks like a mini-grump in this pic). Actually, he’s the most fun of the bunch. This pic (from the same weekend) shows his personality much better:

Man, I love him.

Are you seeing some long-lost friends over the holiday? Or at your wedding? Sometimes I feel like a sheep dog, herding all my loved ones as close together as I can. Woof!

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