Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Speaking of pencils . . . the Mister and I are trying to come up with a cute phrase to put on the pencils for our pinwheels.

Here are some options, most of which were suggested by Ellie over at the lucky nest. Which do you like?

love makes the world go 'round

life without love is like a pencil without lead -- pointless

love is the signature of our lives

write your own love story


emilyalane said...

Oh- I like them all. Can you just do a small selection of each? That way people will get a kick out of seeing what other pencils say. Good conversation starter.

Anonymous said...

ooh... i like write your own love story! Also like the first one!

Amy, the MOH

Jules said...

I wish we COULD use a small selection of each, but it's too expensive. Especially if we want to go with recycled pencils. We have to pick one.
Thanks so much for reading and commenting! You rock!

Jules said...

I did some research and found that I can order a few of each from orientaltrading.com. You are a genius. They're not recycled, but they're very, very cool.

emilyalane said...

Well I am just glad I was good for something today. ;) Yay!!